Mash, a bicycle shop in San Francisco, teamed up with Apple to produce a short film that experiments in polarizing reflective light. With two iPhone 6S Pluses paired with ExoLens and Optics by ZEISS, they were able to capture incredibly unique footage. Check out Mash’s final product below and learn more about how they captured it all.

From Mash:

As artists, we look for tools that allow us to create looks in the recording of light that continue to celebrate bikes and their riders. This new project is an experiment in polarizing reflective light. With support from Apple, we wanted to shoot a video with equipment that is accessible to a large population of the modern world.

The best camera you own is the one you have with you, and the smartphone is in your pocket day after day. We used two ExoLens Zeiss wide angle lenses and one B+W circular polarizer mounted to a Movi M5 gimbal. We recorded through the MoviePro app to create a camera rig that shoots duplicate images, with one camera recording all reflectivity, and the second camera, with the polarizer, blocking all the reflective light in the

By editing between the two recordings, we created an effect that feels like the cyclist is powering his bike and clothing through the energy he puts into his pedals.

Check out the behind the scenes footage to see the ExoLens set up in action.

Click here to discover more about the ExoLens PRO with Optics by ZEISS range.


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