As part of our #ExoPro challenge, we have experienced the stunning sights of London up close, taking in landmarks from the Shard to Tower Bridge through an ExoLens. We’ve also braved the elements to climb Mount Snowden and experience nature up close.

After our two professional photographers – Matt Scutt and Rob Stothard – took part in the #ExoPro challenge (you can see the photos and videos of their experience here)they have shared their top tips on how to take the perfect photo directly from your iPhone.

  1. Use two hands for stability

As the iPhone camera shutter isn’t released until the thumb has let go, it is important to use two hands for stability or even snap photos with the volume button. For maximum results, use a tripod. 


  1. Understand the lighting to get that killer shot

As a rule of thumb, the small sensor in the iPhone responds well to natural light, particularly bright, overcast and open shadows. For situations where you are indoors or in darker lights try using an accessory light or flash, which can be attached to the cold shoe mount on top of the ExoLens bracket. You can also manually adjust the brightness on your iPhone camera by holding down the screen and toggling the star symbol.SNOWDONIA FOR EXOLENS

  1. Avoid using the pinch- zoom

It is best to avoid using the digital zoom, as the photograph will most likely end up very blurred or pixelated. Instead, you should use a telephoto lens to ensure image resolution is not compromised and details remain sharp and in-focus.SNOWDONIA FOR EXOLENS

  1. Think about your angles

Instead of taking photos at the usual chest height, become more creative and add more depth to your photos by shooting from low angles or getting up close to your subject. Using reflections is also encouraged from water and even incorporating foreground objects to give off that three-dimensional feel.

  1. Use apps to enhance your photos

There are tons of apps available on the App Store which can enhance the photos you have taken on your smartphone. Whether it is bringing out the saturation to boost colour, changing shutter speeds to create amazing effects (particularly with moving lights or objects), or adding on gorgeous filters to give off an authentic feel, the possibilities are endless.Westminster, London

  1. Select the correct lens
  • Wide angle lens – This lens is perfect for capturing stunning landscape backgrounds and narrow interiors.
  • Telephoto lens – Unlike the iPhone® digital zoom, the telephoto accessory lens maintains the image quality and resolution. Ideally suited for portraits, street photography and capturing details in distant objects.
  • Macro lens – This lens is exclusively suited for close-up images and captures ultra-definition that is beyond the ability of the human eye.

By taking these tips on-board whilst using ExoLens you too can get that killer DSLR quality shot on-the-go.

Do you want to know how to take professional grade photos, just like Matt and Rob? Visit the #ExoPro page on our website for our latest videos, articles and tips and use the #ExoPro hashtag on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for a chance to win some top ExoLens kit.

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