In the past, being able to take beautiful, high quality images and share them with friends and family in real time was a mere fantasy. Yet today, with advances in photography and mobile phone technology, this dream has become a reality.


Join us as we speak to Luke Marsden, our European Associate Marketing Manager, and find out all you need to know about the ExoLens PRO with optics by ZEISS lenses for the iPhone 7 – the newest in a line of high quality lenses specifically designed for the mobile photographer and their iPhone. Luke sheds light on everything from the advantages and technology behind the lenses to the perfect shots they allow you to take and what sets Exolens apart from the competition.

  • What makes ExoLens unique in comparison to other competitors?

Exolens’ series of high-performance lenses are already leading the way in the mobileography market, having won their highly-coveted place on the shelves of Apple retail stores. It is the quality and technology behind the lenses which sets ExoLens apart from the competition – they have been created as compact mobile accessories and allow you to take high-end DSLR level images straight from your iPhone.

  • What is the technology behind the ExoLens lenses?

Ultimately, each of the ExoLens lenses allow photographers to expand their artistic breadth in different ways through their iPhone. The three lenses include:

  • The telephoto lens: allows you to capture images of distant objects that are free from pixilation – this is the main drawback when using the digital zoom function on your iPhone. The lens is also great for capturing portraits on your iPhone as it provides a e shallow depth of field and allows the subject to stand out from the background.
  • The wide-angle lens: is designed to drastically widen the amount of detail and light you can capture in a single image, allowing you to capture the world in the way you see it. Dramatic perspectives, exceptional angles or portraits in which the main subject is to be clearly isolated from the background are the specialties of the two lenses. Both lenses therefore offer image excellence and outstanding contrast rendition right to the edges. Chromatic aberrations are also corrected.
  • The Macro lens: is currently the only accessory lens available on the market that has a continuous zoom, which allows you to capture extremely close-up photos containing detail which is beyond the ability of the human eye – all from your iPhone! Similarly to the wide-angle and telephoto lenses, the macro lens offers edge-to-edge image excellence and no discernible distortion or chromatic aberration.
  • With the rise of photo sharing on social media, what makes the ExoLens a ‘must have’ accessory for the photographer on-the-go?

The Exolens is really easy to use; the photographer simply slides the bracket attachment onto their iPhone, attaches the chosen lens, views new shots on their native iPhone camera app and is also able to share them directly on social. A variety of images can be captured without having to carry around a lot of gear – we’re even launching a new version of the bracket in January which is so portable, you can attach to your keys as a keyring.

  • What is special about the ExoLens bracket and what accessories can be attached to it?

Unlike other mobile lenses available on the market, the ExoLens bracket is designed to perfectly fit the user’s device – it is made from precision-machined aluminum and includes soft interior liners to protect the iPhone from scratches. This perfect fit is crucial to avoiding aberrations or vignetting appearing within the image, caused by misalignment of the attached lens. This is a common issue with other products available on the market and always results in reduced image quality. The bracket also includes an integrated standard tripod mount and cold shoe mount, allowing users to attach additional portable accessories such as tripods, gimbals, microphones and flashes/lights.

  • What are the advantages of the Exolens and what does this mean for the future of the DSLR industry?

The rise of smartphone photography in recent years has inevitably influenced the decline of the DSLR industry (shipments of DSLR cameras have fallen by around 70% in the last 6 years[i]). The problem, however, is despite the increased versatility and convenience of taking photos on your smartphone, creativity is compromised by the simplicity of the iPhone camera. That’s where ExoLens fits in – the three lenses allow you to expand your artistic breadth, tell a deeper story and capture the beauty in the ordinary. ExoLens is leading the way in a ‘mobileography’ revolution and the lenses bridge the gap between the versatility of mobile phones and professional quality of the DSLR. The increasing ‘mobileography’ trend implies the use of cumbersome photographic equipment will continue to decline and thus the DSLR industry will need to transform and evolve to keep up.



Feeling inspired to take some great shots from your iPhone? If so, you can get involved with our #ExoPro campaign. Click here for tutorials and advice to help you take the shots you desire with your iPhone – watch our weekly videos, check out our upcoming special offers and discounts to win some free ExoLens kit and get involved by sharing your photos using the hashtag #ExoPro on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. To discover the full range of ExoLens PRO with Optics by ZEISS products, visit the website.


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