Want to up your photography game? To help you capture perfect moments wherever you are, we’ve teamed up with two award-winning photographers as they share their top tips for taking high quality, professional-level photos straight from your iPhone.

First up is Instagram Guru and creative director Matt Scutt, who experienced London through an ExoLens using our full range of lenses to capture the colours of breaking dawn at Tower Bridge; a view from the top of the Shard at midday; and a night-time, long exposure, time lapse of Westminster Bridge. You can also see our other photographer – Rob Stothard – take on the #ExoPro challenge in his latest blog post.

Matt Scutt

Setting up:

The first thing that jumps out when setting up the ExoLens kits is the weight – and how light the kits are. If you’ve ever been on a casual photoshoot with me, you’ll know I carry in excess of 25 kilos in a rucksack around with me. This kit, which includes my iPhone, the aluminium bracket which attaches to the phone, a wide angle lens, a macro lens and telephoto lens, all weighs in at under 450 grams!

Attaching the frame couldn’t be easier – it snugly slides onto the iPhone. Then, choose which lens you want to use and simply screw it on. With that sorted, I went off to do for a tour of London around the Thames, using the kit as I would use my DSLR.

Using the wide angle lens:

Where better to start than Tower Bridge at dawn? I started with the wide angle lens and used a mini tripod for stability, as it was still quite dark and I didn’t want camera shake.

I’ve composed my shot using the Thames wall to draw your eyes into the shot. Using the same technique, I did the same with the barrier (I love the dew water droplets!) and set the auto exposure using the sky to capture the colours.

Tower Bridge, London
Captured with the ExoLens PRO with Optics by ZEISS Wide-Angle Lens

One of the other benefits of the wide angle ExoLens is how it expands the iPhone panorama setting. The key to get a straight panorama is using your body core to turn 180 degrees and avoid anything that is directly in front of you that would be in the shot. Previously when I’ve created this shot I would have to use a fisheye (which created a distorted view) or I would have had to stitch 3 or 4 wide angle shots together in Photoshop, so the fact that the ExoLens can do this is a bonus.

From Tower Bridge, my journey took me into the City of London – there was so much to see here, including Leadenhall Market, the Lloyds Building, Cheese-grater, Willis Building and the Gherkin. The wide angle lens is perfect for these sorts of shots.

Read reviews of the wide angle lens and check out the range here.

Using the macro lens:

I was keen to use the other lenses to see what they offer too, so I went to St Paul’s Cathedral to use its garden to shoot macro. As with all macro lenses, you really have to get in close but the depth of field it creates is excellent and I managed to get some great shots of London’s landmarks along the way, from Millennium Bridge to the Oxo Tower.

Captured with the ExoLens PRO with Optics by ZEISS Macro-Zoom Lens
Captured with the ExoLens PRO with Optics by ZEISS Macro-Zoom Lens
Read reviews of the macro lens and check out the range here.

Using the telephoto lens:

After my late lunch, it was time to get ready to get up the Shard before sunset. This time of year it sets before 4pm, so I managed to get up there for at least 90 minutes to get a good spread of day through to night shots.

Captured with the ExoLens PRO with Optics by ZEISS Telephoto Lens
Captured with the ExoLens PRO with Optics by ZEISS Telephoto Lens

The View from the Shard is quite a view! I used the telephoto lens to capture this perfectly. Using a lens like this to magnify has real benefits – digital zooming is far less sharp. By getting the lens as close to the glass, you also reduce the risk of capturing reflections.

Read reviews of the telephoto lens and check out the range here.

And for the final shots of the day? I visited my usual hunting grounds – Westminster and changed back to the wide angle for this classic shot. A tripod is a must for this, as it is dark and I was using a Long Expo App. The frame has a standard 1/4” thread for tripods so you simply screw it on. Low angled and centred on the pavement slab is vital to create a dramatic vanishing point.

Westminster, London

My verdict? The ExoLens kit is a superb addition to mobile photography – sometimes creating a final product can be hard to distinguish from a DSLR photograph, and the ExoLens solves that problem.

Want to be an #ExoPro? Visit the #ExoPro page on our website for top tips and videos from Matt and our other photographers as they show you how to take the perfect shot from your iPhone.

You can also check out the full ExoLens range here and read reviews from the likes of Techradar and Camera Jabber.


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